Hello and welcome! For over two decades now, I have been been behind the lens! Before finding my calling in weddings, my journey started elsewhere.
My roots reach into the highly competitive world of photojournalism when I was a teenager. It was there I developed an early habit of constantly pushing myself to better understand cameras. My photo camera obsession was quickly accompanied by curiosity about video cameras. And as the world went digital, I quickly dove into refining my craft as much as possible through advanced editing techniques. You might say that this creative medium was love at first sight for me! Over 20 years later and my passion for capturing stories and details is stronger than ever!
After exploring a variety of careers throughout my life ranging from Photojournalist, to Finance Manager, to Creative Director, to Computer Programmer, to Senior Producer, I have come full circle in returning to camera in hand. It's an art form that speaks to both the logical and creative side of my personality. And specializing in weddings specifically fulfills my appreciation for artistic details, precision, and beautifully capturing once in a lifetime moments!


My creative style aims to blend photojournalistic storytelling, editorial details, and a touch of fine art styling!

Through an adventurous, yet refined style, M Label Media highlights the details that make your love uniquely beautiful!